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Rehabilitation Program

Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Values

Rehabilitation Program Mission Statement

CompCare and Broward Children's Center's Medical Rehabilitation Program will provide an individualized interdisciplinary team approach to family centered rehabilitative care with a focus on quality and education that enables the persons served to achieve their maximum potential and highest functional level.

Rehabilitation Vision Statement

It is the vision of this Rehabilitation Program to become a leader in providing quality pediatric rehabilitation services that will improve the quality of life of the person served.


We believe that multiple factors, including social-emotional development, cognitive functioning, physical development, language experiences, family cultures and influences all impact what, how, when and where children develop. It is our philosophy that providing persons served opportunities to participate in multiple therapeutic and educational experiences will promote and encourage learning, development, and rehabilitation. We believe that learning or relearning skills occurs throughout the day during therapy sessions and other program activities. Development and or Rehabilitation is an ongoing dynamic process that is to be nurtured and cultivated by parents, therapists, nurses, teachers, social workers, and others working together. All persons served will be provided with the resources to assist them in achieving their maximum potential and functioning level.

Rehabilitation Program Values

We believe in the following core values:

    • All persons have the right to be treated with dignity and respect
    • All persons should have access to needed services that will assist them in achieving optimal outcomes
    • All persons should be empowered to exercise informed choice
    • Persons served and family members are integral members of the interdisciplinary team
    • A continuum of  individualized, quality services are available to all persons served

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