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Pass Training

In 2017, Broward Children’s Center will be introducing its PASS (Passenger Service and Safety) course, open to the public. Broward Children’s Center is the only certified training institute in South Florida to offer the course. Trainees will become certified upon the completion of a 4 hour course with certified trainers.

Training Includes:

  • Wheelchairs

  • Lift operating procedures

  • Wheelchair and occupant securement

  • Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

  • Driver and passenger improprieties

  • Driver Certification Examination

Training Cost:

  • $185 per participant (up to 5)

  • $150 per participant (up to 10)

Download the PASS Training Flyer

For questions or additional information, please contact our Transportation Team at, or call 954.410.4414.

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