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Reuniting Families Who Live With the Challenges of Special Needs

For many families, holiday celebrations are filled with traditions, reunions of friends and family, gifts, and most importantly, time with those we love most. What if one family member was missing and it was too expensive to visit them for the holidays?

For most of the families at Broward Children’s Center, that is the case. The Children’s Comprehensive Care Center at Broward Children’s Center is an acute skilled nursing facility that houses over 30 of the most medically fragile and technologically dependent infants, children, and young adults in our nation.

During the months of November and December, Broward Children’s Center asked their community of supporters to join them in giving hope to families of children in their care. The focus of the campaign was to fund all travel expenses so that families could reunite and spend time together for the holidays. And the community stepped up to the challenge and surpassed all expectations.

“Thanks to our supporters, lifetime memories were created and family bonds were strengthened. Our sponsors, Vacation Village Resorts and Hampton Inn of Deerfield Beach, played a key role in helping us provide precious holiday moments that will go down in the history book of each family that experienced the Give Hope initiative.” said Development and Marketing Manager, Myrna Miott.

“At Vacation Village Resorts we recognize the importance of time being spent with family and loved ones. It was a privilege for us to participate in the Give Hope program this holiday season. The good work of the Broward Children’s Center and their dedicated team continues to serve as an inspiration to us all year long,” said Vacation Village Resort’s Corporate Relations Manager, Lili Kent.

Families were able to come to the Comprehensive Care Center from near and far without the stress of an additional expense during the holidays. Families enjoyed 2-3 overnight stays, giving them multiple days to include their child in holiday festivities. They were also given gas cards and certificates for meals at local restaurants such as Lester’s Diner and Chick-Fil-A. “We are extremely fortunate to have been part of the Give Hope initiative. You adopted us and made us part of your family. We thank you for letting us be a part of your memories. We are truly blessed and look forward to when you come to your home away from home again,” said Averi Ruggiero Sales Manager at Hampton Inn Deerfield Beach.

As the calendar turns to February and people around the world set their intention to love, the non-profit is encouraging the community to keep the kids at the center in their hearts. For most Broward Children’s Center families, it is difficult to fund more than one or two trips a year to visit their child. The Give Hope campaign has proven that a community can band together to give special needs children heart-warming visits with their loved ones. The campaign will remain open throughout 2019 to support the many families served by Broward Children’s Center. For more information, or to donate to the Give Hope fund, call 954-295-4910 to speak with the Development Department at Broward Children’s Center.

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